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So you want to date someone who shares your education level and ambition? And maybe, just maybe, you'd like them to be in your same neighborhood.

A person having problems, like being sexually abused as a child, doesn't have to make this person any less an awesome person. Are they even allowed to date outside the Juggalo community?! Did any of the other Juggalos try to scare you away?

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She had slept with most of the Juggalos within their local group, apparently she was a hot commodity, so every once in awhile there was threatening or posturing from other males. It didn't really bother me though. Until one of her exes and a few of his friends followed me from her house and beat the shit out of me. They pulled up beside my bus stop, jumped out, kicked me in the balls and pushed me into the back of the car. Two got in the back with me and started roughing me up while they drove a few blocks, then pulled off into the alley behind a convenience store and dragged me back out and just kicked the shit out of me then drove off.

They don't care as long as no one was seriously hurt, same thing happened to me a few years back but they weren't juggalos, they were suburban italians that had seen too many mob movies. Nothing ever happened, courts dropped the ball. It's an ICP thing. If you see someone wearing someone with the symbol on it, or worse, with a tattoo or necklace of that symbol, run. Sadly, no, I have no clue. I can tell you the crazy shit they do. The reasoning or logic for most of those things is entirely lost on me. I'm more of a jazz girl, personally. I'd much rather hang with gents in a zoot suit than clown makeup.

She had a vampire thing. She liked to be cut, and have dudes drink the blood. Or drink others' blood. Upon hearing a trashy girl who enjoys drinking the blood of other trashy guys in her Juggalo troop, why did you not GTFO immediately? I'm glad you're clean, but holy fuck you played Aids Russian Roulette. I wanted to leave this clip of andrew wk being awesome here. My cousins are juggalos. I wasn't even aware their clique was horrendously white trash until someone told me.

I guess I never paid much attention. I thought it was a parody band for a while. Did her friends have any children? I've seen baby juggalos and children. It was quite terrifying. It was quite terrifying, considering that most of them weren't old enough to get drunk yet. You know, when I posted that, I couldn't remember if she was still alive, or if her ape work was ages ago and she was long dead. I considered looking it up, but then I said, "Eh, screw it. No one's gonna call me out on it. I actually went and saw her give the last lecture on her year long lecture tour this year, celebrating 50 years since she started working at Gombe.

Just be fucking glad you guys don't have "The Juggalo Gathering" 15 miles from your fucking house. I sat on my back porch shotgun fucking loaded waiting for those clown people to come through the woods into my yard.

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It didn't happen all weekend. Charlie Sheen hosted the whole thing apparently, so I imagine there was a shitload of coke. For the most part my nasal passages are blocked up almost constantly due to allergies, so that helped. Are they a misunderstood group? Or are they just a weird and annoying as they seem?

And we're you ever once able to explain to her how magnets work? They're a bit of both really. Think of it as a combination of fight club and white trash morons and you're close. Honestly, I think most of them just want to feel "alive. She got really pissed at me after I joked about that early on, so I never brought it up again. And when you're dealing with Juggalettes, "really pissed" translates to "close to cutting you with a knife. I used to be VERY into the Juggalo music at one point in my life, but as a person was as far from a typical Juggalo as possible.

I swear to you, they are worthless pieces of shit. I've been to more shows than I can count. I've seen it all. My wife and I stood out you could say. We ran into Twiztid, which is a huge duo in the Juggalo community, one of them got our number to have us meet up after the show. Long story short, he attempted to have my wife sneak out at 4 a.

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Coming from a community that claims they are all "Family" and how much they love their fans, this is a perfect example of the scum that they are. He is also married. See, every time one of these Juggalos comes in here all indignant and full of hot air, all I have to do is point of one of the people like you who got out. Barney Stinson said it best: Totally agree except for the "spit on their entire lives" part. It's probably different in different places. I've known some that had genuinely rough lives and others just rolling with the crowd for something to do.

This is the first time i have heard about a community called "Juggalos". What is it and what do they do? Imagine if a mediocre rap group dressed up in clown make-up and started a religion. Then imagine a bunch of white trash people started gangs based around this rap group. In case anyone is unaware they explicitly stated the whole reason for the stupid clown shit and and other fucking dumb shit that they do is because and I'm paraphrasing they don't know how to rap well. This was mentioned in comparison to other Detroit area hip-hop acts coming up around the same time Eminem, Proof, etc.

I can't stand ICP or their juggalo followers, but at the very least you have to give those two credit for being good businessmen. I don't understand, how is this any worse than most rap? It's exactly the same, maybe even a little bit more welcoming and friendly. Actually that first song you linked had a couple decent rhymes. The 2nd song you linked is already an internet meme. You never heard anybody ask about how fucking magnets work? They have that problem that most white rappers have where they hit the 4th beat of a line too fast and then there's an awkward gap before the next line starts.

I think the reason everyone hates them is because of their fanatical fans. They basically have their own sub-culture and it's just impossible to understand how people could be so devoted to such a mediocre at best group. Very trashy looking, but not too overweight although last I saw of her she started putting on pounds When she got an abortion, would you two dress it in juggalo gear and then call into the juggalo radio asking for free shit?

I tried to look it up and found this. The best part is the third comment down. I'm not sure if it's about juggalos in the holocaust or a holocaust of juggalos Here is the video and the story with recordings of her trying to get merchandise out of them for her deadbaby.. She was so fat that she didn't even realize she was pregnant until after 6 months wat , was drinking beer and xanax at the same time while pregnant and then called into radio shows to demand people give her free ICP stuff after the baby was born and died prematurely.

That funeral is just sickening. Then again, considering how much mistreatment they managed to get in before the child was even born, I can't even imagine what that poor kid's life might have been like. The problem began when Bliss had taken a contract with a local company called ICP to dispose of toxic waste. Some parts of the facility had been used for the production of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, and the waste clay and water contained levels of dioxin some 2, times higher than the dioxin content in Agent Orange.

The good, the bad, and the hideous.

Dating site for juggalos and juggalettes

Wow, this picture is of four "juggalettes". Pay close attention to the one on the right with the blue hair, I think she's doing a magic trick with her head. Soooo I stumbled upon this..

Hopefully that broken foot belonged to a close friend or relative of yours, and it was broken off in your ass for dating that "girl" in the first place. I hope that you've been tested for STD's, etc That being said, I don't feel bad saying that juggalos look like braindead idiots. The whole culture is just a smorgasbord of stupidity and shockingly bad taste.

I still have a very big interest in them too, interesting phenomena. I think "culture" is basically set theory applied to people. Basically, if you can group a selection of people together by some common trait, there is likely to be some common cultural traits shared between them because of that similarity. Some sets are more influential than others, religion and nationality, for instance, are very large sets and encompass lots of shared traits that are likely to fall under the definition of 'culture.

So basically, no matter how you how you divide them, you'll get people with shared traits and those shared traits will create shared experiences, and depending on the significance of those experiences, a shared culture between those people can arise. Significance is pretty hard to measure obviously, and it varies from person to person so don't take this as "hard science" because it isn't.

It's fun and easy to make fun of juggalos because of the way they dress and behave, but it's true that what they have is just as much a culture as many other groups which are given the benefit of the doubt. The violent and grotesque nature of the lyrics are meant both as a means to deflect people's attention from the fact that they really cannot rhyme as well as a means to draw people in.

Well here's an album that's all about doing just that, and better yet you don't have to feel alone anymore because you're part of our 'family! Their music may be shitty, but the marketing plan is sound--and I think that's what it's all about anyway.

IAMA Man who spent 6 months dating a "Juggalette" and got a glimpse into their culture. AMA : IAmA

Somebody else already mentioned that the whole face-paint thing was meant as a gimmick to compensate for the fact that they weren't nearly as good as other Detroit-area acts. The way I figure, if you take something cathartic to unhappy kids, tuck some 25 cent allegories in for good measure, and wrap it all up in a sense of "family" with a product line and somebody is bound to get filthy rich.

ICP and the "Juggalo Family" is basically a lifestyle brand for the group of people diametrically opposite of people who identify with Apple as their primary lifestyle brand. Last month two supposed Juggalos met and started chatting it up in the 4 player max Left 4 Dead 2 game i was in, which makes me wonder: Mostly they were talking about who was and wasn't a poser, as if you have to earn the right to wear sad?

Is there a right of passage? Not a universal one that I know of. Different groups might have different ones. With the one I got mixed into, it was simple. Clone style, you had two ways of getting in. You had to beat a member in a fight, or you had to fuck one and you were in. Did she, and her group, turn Christian when the ICP did? Or do they just listen to their old albums? Was that in a song, or is the formatting just weird?

If this is intended to be a verse, they have no idea what they're doing. Quite some time ago they said they had a big secret of some sort to reveal, and that ended up being it. Listen to The Wraith from their last album, it's this big coming out about how they've always been Christian and their mythology is a massive allegory to Christianity Apr 27, 8. The only juggalos I've ever known have been weirdos with some kind of outsider complex from the trailer park that look unbathed and have crusty piercings so Apr 27, 9.

Even if they didn't fit the stereotype, they would still be guilty by association, so the answer would be no. Apr 27, Being single is a much better option Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Apr 28, I have a sense that they wouldn't be checking for black women anyway, and as a black woman, I can say we typically aren't checking for them either. I don't mind men of alt lifestyles, but Juggalos aren't my interest. I don't judge them, but nothing attracts at all.

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Unless they a monster in the sack and only wear the paint when we gettin freaky: I actually met those dudes, they are from the same area. Before they made it 'international' they came to my high school and handed out tapes, yep that how long ago this was. They had one of those A-team - kidnapper vans.

They looked the same as they do now but without the clown makeup. Went home, played the tape then trashed it. Asked my friend from across the street who got the tape too what she thought, it was also in her trash can. I find nothing about the Juggalo lifestyle interesting or attractive, so no. I'll even go as far as saying that if Idris, my soulmate and forever love, was a secret Juggalo, I'd still say no.

I wouldn't date a juggalo if they shat gold bricks. Only clown im into is The Joker and i have to fight Harley just to get to him. Especially Jared Letos Joker ayyyyyeee baby ill gladly take an ass whipping from Harley. Original Harley not that New 52 clown bitch running around DC. Ewww hell to no no no.